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multi-k history

The Melfort Multi-K began as a dream of one individual, “My primary vision was setting people in motion.  Getting them out and about, breathing in fresh air, wholesome air and getting fit at the same time”,  Dr. Richard van der Ross, founder.  Adopting the slogan “Promoting Fitness and Health in Melfort”, Dr. van der Ross put together a team to plan the first even in September, 2011.

Each year the Melfort Multi-K consists of the 1K Fun Run, a 5K Run/Walk, a 10K Run/Walk, and a 21.1K Run and is a resounding success with 600 participants of all ages and abilities, and from all areas of the province and beyond.  In the months and weeks prior to the event there is a noticeable increase in walkers and runners training throughout the city.  Not only does this event increase the fitness levels of the community, but the personal achievements are obvious as the racers cross the finish line.

The Melfort Multi-K committee receives generous support from the business community in Melfort and District through sponsorship.  The whole community gets involved with over 100 volunteers involved in hosting the event.

We continue to honour those who have crossed the finish line 5 and 10 times with the 5X and 10X Club. 

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